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Jane is a London-based photographer from Hong Kong. She brings a diverse background in literary studies, film, and law to create visual and textural narratives that explore themes of displacement, personal and collective trauma, womanhood, and interspecies relationships. 

She is the recipient of the 2022/23 Architecture Photography Fund, which supports aspiring young photographers from underrepresented backgrounds. She receives mentorship from architectural photographer Luke O'Donovan as she develops her first long-term photography project. 

She is a versatile photographer specialising in performance, events, and portraits, capturing meaningful moments with a keen eye. As a freelance photographer, Jane has honed her skills in translating emotions and narratives into captivating images. 

Looking ahead, she is excited to delve into photography with text, aiming to push the boundaries of visual storytelling, particularly for displacement stories. By combining images and written word, Jane aspires to create thought-provoking and immersive narratives that invite viewers to explore new dimensions of storytelling and gain a deeper understanding of displaced communities.


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